Welcome to Considerations!!!


As I have read and responded to many favorite blog posts, both related to Leadership and Education, I have routinely connected with a concept important to success in any field, a concept I have called CONSIDERATIONS. This blog will in various future posts discuss my interpretation of considerations as a process, my thoughts on consideration application, my suggestions for important topics for consideration, and thoughts on my considerations of topics I wish to share publicly. I also certainly seek posts from readers of this blog – feedback on previously published posts as well as new posts from you.

A brief overview of Considerations as I define the word: Considerations go beyond the notions of reading, studying, and/or learning material – to the understanding the material through its many interpretations, its many viewpoints, its contradictions, its relationships with other material. The objective is the development of a vision of how all of this fits together. Such a vision enables one to dialogue with others to explore new or misinterpreted vision components, to apply the vision to address situations encountered, and to assist through writing and facilitating discussion the general improved public vision of the topic.