Understanding Requires Consideration


In a recent post from Seth Godin to his blog of 01/05/14, he writes about wanting an opinion without understanding the information relevant to that opinion. This blog is dedicated to the importance (really requirement) of the skill / habit of CONSIDERATION to the gradual development of understanding!

Why do I call it a skill? Probably obvious because there’s no switch that can be thrown to add this or any other capability as a useful one. It takes conscious attention to the process (dare I write consideration of the process – of consideration itself in this case) as one tries different efforts, routinely self-assesses progress and the need for refinement, and adjusts as the skill is developed into a usable and useful one. Lest you think there will be an end to this effort, hope I’m not discouraging you when I suggest this will be lifelong!

Why do I call it a habit? Clearly obvious to me at least in that a habit is sort of like a pair of comfortable boots in a snow storm: the peace of mind from relying on “auto-pilot” of habit enables the confidence in achieving the best outcome. In reaching that best outcome, we are comforted in our judgement and our ability to deal with the inevitable miss-steps.

But this consideration does much more than enable an opinion to be formed. It enables us to discuss the topic and test our opinion with others. It seems clear to me that the best opinion I might develop myself will be better through consideration. BUT to believe it the best possible without “testing” through conversation to me is not possible. Nor is any opinion “set in stone” when clearly it’s an opinion about a dynamic situation!

Most importantly, conversation among parties with opposing opinions BUT ones developed through consideration enable what the late Stephen Covey called the BETTER ALTERNATIVE. Otherwise that “conversation” is reduced to a prelude to “going to the mattresses” and conflict without resolution.

Consideration is YOUR best opportunity to develop a vision regarding any topic that enables you to engage with others in improving lives in general. That, for me at least, is far more important and satisfying than merely defending a possibly poorly developed position.

As always, your feedback and dialogue is honestly sought.


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