A New a Learning Opportunity – for Me at Least


I just learned of a new learning opportunity, thanks to Charlene Doland.  It’s the Connected Learning Community (on Google+). They have a terrific Website that includes what they call Maker Cycles – an opportunity to practice skills associated with connected learning. They facilitate Google Hangouts and a #CLMOOC Twitter chat (this Thursday the 10th beginning at 7:00 PM ET). As I said, I’m very new to these opportunities and wanted to share with you. As I understand, I missed their CLMOOC facilitated in June.

i gained and continue to gain so much from the opportunities related to the DLMOOC earlier this year that I’m excited to promote these new opportunities – through this short post to this blog!


One thought on “A New a Learning Opportunity – for Me at Least

  1. I’m engaged in some “line lifting” this morning, where I am stealing lines and phrases and themes from my blogging friends, and building poems around then. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, and allowing me a chance to remix. I do it out of honor for you.

    New opportunities
    arise each morning
    like flowers in bloom,;
    Wake up late
    and you are left to only imagine
    the slow-motion effect of the petals
    glistening with night’s dew,
    awaiting the first flash of sunlight
    to remind us that magic takes place
    in whatever space you’re in,
    if you just look deep enough for the signs.

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