4 thoughts on “Trying Is Good – But Far from Good Enough

  1. You hit on some key things here, things we do in the Haselwood household. Regurgitate. It’s what’s sent home. And it’s the way the questions will be asked for an assessment. We are still stuck in the early 1900’s. Unless our classroom teachers have a complete change in the way they assess learning, then prepping for that assessment at home will often look like this….which is a shame. Imagine this young man creating something to show off what he knows instead.

    • jcbjr9455

      Thanks, Scott. My most critical question: Can we / how do we get teachers to be willing to change their approach to working with students for Effective Learning when they still must deal with all of the facets of Standardized Testing …

      • It’s my belief that teachers can change their approach and still meet the metrics of the BS test. I was able to do it. I think teachers tend to lean on this “I’ve always done it this way because testing” and they are comfortable and scared to do anything that may rock that boat. However, when we make intentional changes to our practice to improve the actual teaching, the students still learn. I’ll check out the article you sent me 🙂

  2. Mr. Bennett, I stumbled upon one of your comments on another blog, and really liked your thoughts on homework. I am writing a post on “How Much Homework should Students Have? – Ask the Experts” and would love for you to weigh in with your expert opinion. I already have several larger blogs / websites that are contributing, so we will all be back linking to eachother. Please respond if you would like to contribute. Thanks!

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